Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Scary Lights....

Another gorgeous fall day....breezy, sunny, very cool, and a lot more leaves on the ground due to the rain last night. LOVE having the windows open and enjoying the fresh cool air! (Have I ever mentioned how much this is my favorite time of year!!?!?!)

And to celebrate this time of year, I have another project. It's called "Scary Lights" and was published in the 2017 Halloween edition of Just CrossStitch, designed by Simona Bussiglieri of Mani di Donna.

I've put a timeframe on this current project, which is a real no-no for me because it'll just be disheartening to fail, but this time, I'm soooo determined to have this finished by the 31st = Halloween! As of last night, I'm about halfway finished.

Here's a photo from the magazine of the finished project:

"Scary Lights" by Simona Bussiglieri of Mani di Donna

...and here's my progress:

The black filigree work supporting the pumpkins took some time because I had to constantly refer to the chart as I stitched, but going forward, nothing will be that involved and should go quickly.

Because the design consists of big chunks of color (not a lot of "confetti"*) it's moving along nicely. The design calls for floss from Romy's Creations (and I don't have a single one! ...and didn't have the patience to wait for an order), so I substituted all floss from my stash:
  • Black = DMC 310
  • Orange = WDW Pumpkin 2228 (a no brainer!!!)
  • Yellow = DMC 743 (faces)
  • Olive = CC PeaPod (pumpkin stems and grass)
  • Tan/Brown = GA Woodrose 7018  (background of sign)
The fabric is a scrap I had in my stash - 32ct Belfast linen "Country Mocha" (very slightly over-dyed). Wish me luck meeting my self-imposed timeline!  ACK!

*Confetti: lots of individual stitches of multiple colors scattered across large areas, all involving numerous floss changes)

~~~ So thankful for another gorgeous Fall day
and the beautiful sunshine!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Be-'Witching' Hour......

Happy Halloween season! I've completed a couple of Brooke's Books witches, but haven't done the "finishing" yet. Again, I need to find the time and ambition to drag out all the supplies.

Here are the parts & pieces of "Sally Stitch Witch" found in Just Cross-Stitch (Sept-Oct 2010):

She still needs all her beads and LOTS of "finishing"
(Just Cross-Stitch Sept/Oct 2010)

I used all the called-for flosses and beads, and she is stitched on SILVER perforated paper. (It was difficult working on this in the evenings because my overhead work light reflected off the silver paper, making it blinding. Had to cover all the open areas with small scrap pieces of paper to cut down the wicked glare!) And here are her hat and stitching hoop. I still need to stitch the scissors (hanging off her skirt), but needed the beads to arrive for the entire chart, and the scissors are entirely beads.

(...these still need beads!)

And while on the topic of witches, below is another one from Brooke's Books. She's called "Patty Patchwork" and can be found in Cross-Stitch & Needlework (Sept 2014). She's really colorful and was also a lot of fun to work on. She's stitched on brown perforated paper. After working on the design in the previous post (1 over 1), the perforated paper seems HUGE to my ol' eyeballs! Both of these cute little witches have been stitched during this past year.

And here are all the accoutrements in her candy bag and the 2 patches on her skirt...
Once I drag out all the "finishing" materials (iron, double-stick paper, kraft paper, and super-duper fine-tipped sharp scissors), I'll finish both witches at the same time. A friend of mine has completed both of these cuties and they are adorable!! Thank you, Brooke Nolan, for such FUN charts!

Thankful for all the great charts the designers are offering in my stitching magazines, and yet need much more time to stitch them all!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday, October 20, 2017

Enjoying the Autumn weather....

...and I hope you are, too! At least those of you north of the equator.

Some progress to show:

Here is "The Winter is Past" as described in my previous post. I'm working 1 x 1 on 30 ct over-dyed linen, so my eyes need a rest at times, so stitching is s-l-o-w.

"The Winter is Past" by Blackbird Designs

Another finish is "Brew Ha-Ha"  (below) by Plum Street Samplers. It was a freebie found here and here's the link to her blog with photos and info about the piece. I'm going to "finish" it into a single-fold stand-up ornament. Just need to find the ambition (and time!) to drag out all the supplies.

I loved stitching this! It was a lot of fun (I love alphabets) and it's so indicative of the season, isn't it? And I picked up some rick-rack trim in brown, deep orange and a golden orange. I still need to decide on the material I want to use for finishing it, but eventually I'll post it completed.

"Brew Ha-Ha" by Plum Street Samplers (freebie)

The weather has been in the 60s & 70s, making for an unusually warm October. For my tastes, it could be a bit cooler, but early next week the HIGH temps will be in the 40s, and yet this weekend will be up in the 70s. Too crazy!

Hoping you're all enjoying the weather where you are, and wishing you a wonderful Halloween season. Picked up a huge bag of "mini" candies yesterday (132 pcs) so hoping for a better turnout of trick-or-treaters than last year, or else all of the leftovers are dangerous to keep here in the house. At least I bought the combo bag of candies I prefer: Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, and 3 Musketeers. My absolute favorite bar is Baby Ruth, but I don't care for the overall mix of the other candies in that bag , so I stuck with the Snickers and Twix combo.

The kids next door are already changing into their costumes when they get home from school.  At this rate, I'm not sure they'll even have costumes by the 31st --- they'll probably be in tatters!

Over and out from this neck of the woods. The leaves are really starting to turn some gorgeous colors, so any walk or drive in the car is a feast for the eyes. Hope you live somewhere to enjoy the beauty of Autumn's splendor.

So grateful for nature's beauty
at this time of year,
and the gorgeous weather we've had allowing the colors to last longer into the Fall.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day!

It's Monday, and it's a national holiday here in the US, so most of us are enjoying one last fling before school starts, the leaves start falling, and the snow starts flying. It's a glorious day, but I need to mow the lawn. It rained the past couple of days, so the grass is really long. Wouldn't it be nice to "rent a goat" and have them just graze their way thru it all? It sure would be quieter than running the mower. My current mower is battery operated (Ryobi), does an excellent job and is MUCH quieter than the old gas-operated mower.

Now, onto stitching...

Here's  my latest start: (and just realized the Title of the piece is rather ironic for this time of year!)

"The Winter is Past" by Blackbird Designs
Chart: The Winter is Past
Booklet: In Friendship's Way
Designer: Blackbird Designs
Design Size: 71w x 67h
Fabric: 30ct linen (a miscellaneous piece from my stash) The linen is a little more gold-ish than the photo indicates.
Stitch Count: 1 x1
Flosses: per the chart: GA - Antique Rose; CC - Blacksmith Blue, Copper Penny, Hazelnut, Olive Branch, Onion Skin, Pea Pod, Tartan Plaid; WDW - Red Rocks

Here's my progress so far....

Because I'm doing it 1 over 1, I really need a bright light, but I love the way it's turning out. It almost resembles punchneedle work.

Here's the booklet it's in:

    ~~Thankful for the gorgeous weather today,
and even tho I moan and groan about mowing the lawn,
I'm soooo very thankful I have the health and strength to do it~~      

Friday, September 1, 2017

Autumn (the season) isn't wasting any time....

It's just Friday evening of Labor Day weekend (here in the US) and the Autumn weather is upon us. Just got back from walking dog after a very late dinner and the thermometer reads 49*F (5*C). I made the mistake of walking her in my flip-flops and my poor toes are screaming for some warm, fuzzy socks. (I LOVE the cool weather and prefer Autumn and Winter to the other two seasons, but this is a bit too soon for it to be this cold.) But watch --- next week, when the kids have to go back to school, it'll probably be back up in the 90s.

Here's another project I finished stitching. I think I worked this over this past January/February (2017). Since it's so tiny, it'll probably be an ornament that I can add to my all-purpose ornament tree. I found it as a freebie:

Project: White Pumpkin (name I gave it)
Designer: Kirsten Schmidt (2015)
Fabric: Lakeside Linens "Tarnished Silver" 32ct Belfast linen
Floss: DMC 642, 945, 3052, 3865
Beads: Mill Hill #03049 (red) (chart called for red stitches, but I blinged it up with beads!)
Stitched: 2 x 2
Stitch Count: 32w x 27h
Website: www.kissycross.twoday.net
Copyright: Kirsten Schmidt 2015

Just started another small ornament today and it's beckoning me, so I must heed the call. Hope your Friday evening is fun-filled, and may the holiday weekend bring glorious weather for all the events happening. Stay warm~~~

~~Thankful for the gorgeous weather today,
and for the great meal I had with my parents!~~

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Gonna try this again....

It's been awhile!

OK...yeah....a very long while. I'm not promising I'll be too consistent, but thought I'd try this blogging/posting thing again.

I've been stitching all this while. I'd be in the loony bin if I ever gave it up! My stitching has kept me sane in these intervening years.

Lots of finishes to show. On some projects, only the stitching is finished and on others all the stitching and 'finishing' are done.  Here's one of my latest; finished yesterday:

Designer: The Heart's Content, Inc.
Chart: Seahorse Fob & Scissors (Kit #168)
Stitch Count: 82 x 38 (1 over 1)
Threads: included with kit
Fabric: 29ct Grey Glenshee linen (incl with kit)
Cording: I twisted DMC 991 & 992
Beads: Beads were included with the kit but were itty-bitty bicone crystals and the center hole was only meant to accommodate 1 or 2 single threads, not twisted cording of 12 threads (6 of each color). The beads I substituted are glass lampwork beads from a bead store.
Scissors: The Seahorse scissors are included with kit
Started: 09 Sept 2013
Finished: 22 Aug 2017 (a LOT happened between these two dates!!!)

Throughout the day, the temps have progressively dropped and currently it's  57*F [14*C]) It's the end of August! Very unusual, but I'm lovin' it. Perfect sleeping weather!

Tomorrow (Thurs), I have a preliminary phone interview for a position with a local company that I've had my eyes on for a while. They didn't have a job posting, but a while ago (the week before 4th of July holiday [here in the States]), I was feeling a little daring and thought "What the heck? What's the worst that can happen?" and personally dropped off a resume to the Receptionist and then kept my fingers crossed. Out of the blue, I got an email on Tuesday (22nd) from the Director of Engineering about starting a Technical Writing position. Blew me away that someone actually passed my resume along and then another someone actually LQQKED at my resume! I dropped it off with the "wing and a prayer" mentality, and the "prayer" part really worked.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me, and if so inclined, say a little prayer too. When I actually land the job, I'll fill in the details.

~~~So grateful for the possibility of working locally,
doing what I love!~~~

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

...and another start

I was so excited to be able to finish "Autumn Leaves" so quickly, I decided that, while the iron is hot, so to speak, I might as well stay on a roll and start another canvas project.

This next one is called "Woodland Star" from Nancy's Needle.
It's 152 x 152 stitch count, done on 18ct sandstone canvas, using:
  • three (3) Caron Watercolours - Rainforest, Chianti, Seaweed
  • three (3) DMC Perle Cotton flosses - 902 Vy Dk Garnet,
    934 Black Avocado Green, 676 Dk Yellow Beige
  • one (1) Rainbow Gallery Gold Rush 18 metallic floss - Bronze
Here's a photo from the front of the packaging:

...and photos of my progress. Not too sure I'm diggin' the colors, but I'll soldier on and then decide when it's finished.

Started Saturday night and got this far....

...and here's what I accomplished while watching the Emmys: (the colors are growing on me a little more)

Sunday night's progress...

And of course, Miss Autumn insisted on showing her exciting fall activities, so here's what the Princess has been doing lately....

See how beautiful and photogenic I am??

Ahhhh....leading a dog's life couldn't be any better!
(out on the patio on Sunday)

The weather is very cool today; it was 46° this morning. Currently it's very sunny and warming up to a whopping 57. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this weather! I had an annual tune-up done on my furnace this morning, and while the repair-person was working, I dragged out the down featherbed and down comforter for my bed. So H.A.P.P.Y!

And that's it for today's activities. Hope you're all well and staying warm!

So very thankful for my little piece of heaven
out on my patio!