Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

The weather here was gorgeous yesterday and today (high of 50 degrees so far), and after a v-e-r-y long walk with the dog, she is now sacked out on the patio. She spent the entire day yesterday there, too. I have a baby monitor out there, so I know when she needs one of two things: her food or a potty break. Once she's out there, I don't hear a peep out of her. I think she'd sleep out there all night, if I let her!
(you can see the snow still on the ground, and you have to pardon the dirty windows...clear glass and a dog's nose don't play well together!)

And I made a stop at Hobby Lobby one night after work last week for a couple of rolls of trim, and saw these two pairs of scissors that I just NEEDED to add to my collection. I especially love the copper ones with the etchings in the handles! 

I have some chicken in the crockpot, and a big salad all prepared, so it's almost time for dinner. Changing the clocks overnight is something I look forward to in the spring and don't mind the loss of an hour's sleep, but it just throws off my internal clock for at least a week, so I can't believe it's dinner time already! Where did the day (and the weekend) go?

Oh, by the way, I saw "Argo" last night.....VERY intense, and afterward, drove home on high alert waiting for someone to stop me and ask for my papers/passport/et al. All I could think was that ploy would never have worked in today's world with everyone's instant access to photos/information via computers and phones. I just felt really, really sorry for the young kids who were forced to re-formulate all that shredded material, but truthfully, I found that part of the movie a little too simplified...I'm sure it took them quite a bit longer than a couple of days! Ben Affleck and his cast and crew did an amazing job! Kudos!

So thankful for my lazy Sunday afternoon!
Hope you're enjoying yours, too!

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