Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Wonderful Seamstress/Embroiderer I Discovered...

A while ago, I invested in several Lokscroll scroll rods (for stitching) from Artisan Design. I previously had a couple sets, but the sizes weren't conducive to some charts I wanted to stitch, so I ordered several more lengths. The new rods range from 18" up to 30". The problem, however, was that I found I couldn't locate any scroll rod COVERS (to protect the exposed fabric on the rods) to fit those extended lengths.

After much research online, I found someone on one of my Facebook sites who was already making Q-snap covers, and volunteered to attempt scroll rod covers for me. She wasn't sure of their construction, so I sent her a sample of covers I had purchased in a shorter length. After a little trial and error, here's the assortment she made:

10 sets of scroll rod covers

And here's a photo of how and where they're used (for those of you who don't stitch):

And I LOVE the colors/fabrics she used! Thank you sooo much, Robin, at Fred's Threads of Pennsylvania. And the best part? She lives about an hour from me, so we've already had the chance to meet for dinner and have become good friends. This past weekend, Robin treated herself to a brand new sewing/serger/quilting/ embroidery machine, so please contact her with some orders for her goodies so she can put her new "toy" to good use. She will do custom orders, especially custom embroidery. Check out her link on Facebook for more samples of her work. She's absolutely amazing to deal with!

PS: the predicted inclement weather has begun! UGH!

So grateful for the wonderful friends and talented artists I've met online!

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