Friday, March 15, 2013

Some stitching to show...

Each evening, I never seem to have as much time to stitch as I would like, but little by little, progress is made and I have a finish to show. Mind you, it's not completely "finished" (into its ultimate state, like an ornament or a framed piece), but the stitching part of the project is finished.

It's called Poinsettia House by Little House Needleworks:

Poinsettia House by Little House Needleworks 
I started it last Fall sometime, and then set it aside for a gift that I was working on (but can't show at this time). Over Christmas, I took it with me to Florida because it was small and easy to travel with to visit my parents. While there, there were some cold and windy days that were perfectly suited to staying indoors and stitching, so I was able to get a lot more done. After I got home, all that was left was to personalize it with my initials and the year, and I was able to chart the initials and stitch it this past week. Here are the details:

DESIGN: Poinsettia House (#73)
DESIGNER: Little House Needleworks
FABRIC: 32 ct Belfast linen
FABRIC COLOR: Antique Ivory
FLOSSES: Crescent Colors & DMC [per chart]
STITCHED: 1 over 1
STITCH COUNT: 103w x 103h
FINISHED SIZE: 3-5/8"w x
STARTED: Fall 2012
FINISHED: 13 Mar 2013

Here is another project that was pushed aside for the gift I mentioned above. The original chart for the design below called for some pretty vivid colors (and I'm being kind with that description), so with the help of a friend (thanks, Lisa!) we converted them to more palatable (subdued) colors. This is a companion design to the Autumn Alphabet I completed in an earlier post. When finished, I'll be sure to mention the conversions for anyone interested.

Winter Alphabet by Lizzie Kate
The weekend is shaping up to be a cold and rainy one here, and with one exception tomorrow, I intend to stay indoors and rest. Not feeling too spiffy yesterday and today, so need to pamper myself a little and just take it easy.....and I see a couch with my name written all over it. 

Happy Friday to everyone;                               
                              enjoy your St. Patty's Day weekend!


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