Sunday, March 24, 2013

This and that...

Happy Sunday, everyone! I don't have any organized theme for today, so I'll just put a bunch of ideas down:

Happy Housewarming to my cousin, Laurie, who just bought her very first house a couple months ago, near Memphis, TN. Her family and friends are having a big shindig today to celebrate, and I certainly wish I could've been there. I wish her all the luck and love possible in her new home, and may she enjoy its comfort and peace as she sits in front of her fireplace. After what she's been thru this past year, she is certainly deserving of such!

Laurie's new home

I've signed up for a couple of cross-stich projects/classes over the next couple of months. I'm not normally inclined, but these two projects really piqued my interest. One is a 2-day class down in south Jersey (near Camden) and the other is an online class that participants work on at their leisure. Here are some photos of what the final projects will look like...

"Lavendula" project (envelope closed)

"Lavendula" (envelope opened showing all the pieces)
The designer is Cynthia Valentine, offered through the Lamplighters Chapter of EGA (Embroiderers Guild of America). For the price of the class, I get all the supplies to stitch the pieces and hands-on instructions from the designer, but the best part is the chance to spend the weekend with several other stitchers. Can't wait!

The other class, an online class, is called Sherwood Garden by Kathy Rees of Needle Delights Originals. The photo below shows the overall design, but I'm stitching it in the colors of the 2nd photo, called "Stained Glass." Such gorgeous colors, so use your imagination to "see" it in the colors I chose!
Sherwood Garden by Kathy Rees
"Stained Glass" colorway I chose
And onto another topic: Entertainment...

This weekend was busy in the way of movies and theater. On Friday, I had tickets to see the stage show by "VocaPeople." I'd never seen them before, but they came very highly recommended from several musical/vocal friends, and when I saw they were going to be nearby, I ordered tickets immediately. The seats were dead-center in the 3rd row, so I didn't miss a thing! They are an a Capella group, and to give you a short-and-sweet review, they were absolutely astonishing! SUCH a good show. I felt like the show was about 10 minutes long, but it was actually 90 minutes! It just flew by!

And then last night I went to see the indie film, "Quartet." It's another hidden jewel among all the other big name films out there, and directed by Dustin Hoffman. The only recognizable actors (for me!) was Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey, Harry Potter films, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and the comedian/actor Billy Connelly (he's a real hoot in this movie!). However, every starring person is/was someone in the opera/theater/symphonic world. It was such a moving film, and so well done! And the music??? Amazing! If you get the chance, please be sure to see it. And please be sure to sit through the credits at the'll be amazed.

And last but not least, we're expecting more winter weather tonight and most of tomorrow! Welcome to Spring! <> (where's that D%MN groundhog? I wanna strangle him!) 

Dinner's in the oven, the dog is passed out on her bed, and I intend to get some stitching done and enjoy the rest of my weekend. 

So thankful for all the great entertainment I saw this weekend....still smiling!

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