Friday, April 12, 2013

Meeting a new stitching friend...

On Sunday, I got to meet up with a stitchy friend I met on Facebook from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)! So fun! Gowri and I met on a stitching site on FB last June. I had been in the UAE for work (near Abu Dhabi) in June and, prior to leaving for the trip, I had looked on FB to see if there were any stitchers in that part of the world I could contact while visiting, but didn't have any luck. After I got back, of course, up pops Gowri's photo! So we struck up an online conversation --- I told her about my visit over there, and she told me a little about herself and that she makes annual trips to NJ to visit family. We've talked about meeting up and I was going to take her to a couple of REAL stitching shops (no Michaels, ACMoore, et al, either!) But her timeline didn't lend itself to a shopping spree, but the two of us were finally able to meet up on Sunday at her relatives' home. And we had a wonderful time!

So, since the timeframe didn't allow for shopping, I brought the shopping to her. I knew she was already working on Mirabilia's "Petal Fairy" so I was pretty sure she'd like any of the other Mira Fairies, so I got her the August Peridot Fairy. And you can't have a pattern without all the other items to stitch it, so I also got her a piece of overdyed fabric (from Silkweavers), the embellishment pack (all the beads), and all the flosses. She LOVED everything! And I also got her another small project with chart, fabric, floss, and beads. She'll be busy for a while, won't she?

In return, she brought me the most delicious dates (a main export of the UAE) and some caramel waffle cookies I discovered while over there, but haven't found here. They are both soooo yummy!

Me (on left) and Gowri (with her "stash")
All total, we spent about 3 hours together just chatting and catching up. And it was wonderful to meet several members of her family, too...their hospitality was so warm and welcoming, just like Gowri!

Thankful for all the wonderful places I've been and people I've met
through my love of cross-stitching!

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  1. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Your stitching is lovely and how fantastic to meet up with your Facebook friend.
    Have a good weekend (: