Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stash acquisition....

STASH!! All stitchers suffer from Stash Acquisition Scourge/Syndrome (SASS) and I got it bad a couple weeks ago! Stash is what we stitchers call our entire collection of anything related to stitching, and acquiring more and more stash is part of our culture, and whoever dies with the most stash, WINS!!! Therefore, I'm working my way up to winning! ha,ha!

I was recently introduced to an amazing online store, JJ's Collectibles, (Thank You, Kevin, for the introduction!), and JJs was having a major blowout sale I couldn't resist. They carry almost anything you can think of, and if it's not on their site, they'll get it for you immediately. Since they carried a set of charts I've been lusting over for a couple of years (the eight (8) "Snowmen" kits by Shepherd's Bush [Blue Snowman, Red Snowman, Pink Snowman, etc.]) AND they were all 20% off, I broke down and ordered them all, as well as other goodies. (this also happened to coincide with the timing of my bonus and my tax refund, too! Win-Win!) And the entire order arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I was soooo happy to welcome them home!

The ladies at JJ's Collectibles (Jen and Sherry) are delightful to deal with and will go W-A-Y out of their way to make sure you get everything you're looking for. Their customer service is priceless! The word "Collectibles" in their name is rather deceiving...I immediately thought of a gift store, with assorted small tchotchkes and collectibles, and was wondering why Kevin thought this was a store I wanted to visit for cross-stitch supplies. However, when I opened it up and saw they are totally dedicated to needlearts, I was hooked.

Here's the stash I got: (click on the photos to enlarge them)

Eight "Snowman" charts and a Blackbird Designs chart

The best part about all the "Snowman" charts is they are sold as 'kits', which means they come with everything you need to stitch them: fabric, flosses, the little charms or buttons that get stitched onto the finished design, a floss minder (keeps the flosses organized while you're working on the project), and even a needle! I like the fact that I don't have to order any material; I can just start stitching! Here's a close-up shot of a couple of my faves in this series:
(...and of course, all the framing is by none other than the fabulous Jill Rensel!!)

The PINK Snowman

The GRAY Snowman

The BLACK Snowman (altho it looks navy here)

The RED Snowman

And all the other items in the order were needed for other charts: tiny scissors to become part of a project, some Caron Watercolours for a canvas piece I'm working on, two more small (6") Q-snap frames, beads for a Mirabilia chart, and several Rainbow Gallery flosses just to have on hand.

Now I just need to become a "turbo" stitcher (a very, very fast stitcher) so I can get started on all of these! However, because they're each small (~ 6" x 6") they're great to travel with and can fit into a shoulder bag easily.

~~Happy Stitching!~~

Thankful for the safe arrival of all my "Snowmen"
and hoping that's all the S-N-O-W I see until next winter!

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