Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another update on my "Stained Glass" project...

I wanted to post these updates last week, but dummy me went and got a new phone, and after taking a bunch of photos to test out the camera app, I realized I had no way to get the photos to my laptop (via gmail) and here's why:    Altho I love my new phone (aka "toy" --- a Samsung Galaxy Note II) there's something wrong with its ability to send attachments from my Gmail account. So after 5 days of wrestling with Best Buy (where I bought it), my local Verizon store (my service provider), Verizon Tech Help (on phone with Ursa for 2 hours at the store), Verizon Level II Tech Help (another hour with Charlotte on the phone), Google (Verizon's phone help managed this contact....bless Charlotte's lil' heart for her persistence!!!), and Google Level II Tech Help (again, bless Charlotte for wanting to get to the bottom of this [she has the same phone and the same problem, but never had the time to address it on her own, but because a customer (me) needed help, she was able to spend the time]), Google and their Gmail service has finally admitted there is a problem with their app for this new phone. If I was lucky, it was taking 24+ hrs to email just one small attachment...if I was unlucky, it would just send a notification that "sending attachment was cancelled." Sheesh!!!

I know I could've worked around this by simply plugging my phone into my laptop and retrieving the photos, but it was the principle of the issue I wanted addressed, not a work-around to let Google off the hook. At this point I'm still awaiting notification that a "fix" (updated download for the app) has been issued by Google, but after waiting all night, all 7 photos finally arrived on my laptop email, so here goes: (I only used 2 of the photos)

Here's the overall project as of last Friday (26 July). I had completed all the small design boxes in the middle section and barely started on the green triangular stitch (Milanese stitch) on the left-middle area.

Sherwood Garden by Kathy Rees (Needle Delights Originals)
in the "Stained Glass" colorway

Here's an enlarged version of the small boxes in the center of the design...(both photos are "clickable" for larger views)

I so LOVE working on this. Once I get the "hang" of each stitch, I can just keep stitching without constantly referring back to the instructions, like I would if there were a lot of "confetti" stitching. Confetti stitching is when a designer puts in a multitude of different colored stitches in a given area, so the stitcher (me!) is constantly changing needles and constantly looking at the chart to make sure there are no 'oopsies' happening and all the various floss colors are in their correct locations. Really takes a lot of concentration and tends to make it difficult if I want to watch TV at the same time. But the stitching above is basically non-thinking once I do one or two stitches, goes very quickly, and makes it a pleasure to have some 'instant gratification' each time I stitch. I have a lot more done since these photos were taken last week, so I'll post those updates tomorrow, but only if my phone with the photos decides to play nice.

Keep your fingers crossed.....

So thankful for the fun of this (sort of) balanced out
all the aggravation with my new phone!