Monday, September 23, 2013

Another finish....

Doin' my Happy Dance! Another one finished! This is Autumn Leaves by Nancy's Needle. Bought it last January at Salty Yarns while in Ocean City, Maryland, at a stitchy get-together, and loved the colors and the design, and the fact that its theme is Autumn didn't hurt favorite time of year. 

I started this at the beginning of September and finished this past Friday (20 Sept). I think this has to be the fastest I've ever stitched any project EVER! I loved working on this and the stitching went quickly, especially since it didn't involve having to look at the chart repeatedly. Once you get started with a certain stitch, you just keep going! The slowest part was making sure the colors in the overdyed strands were consistent on all 4 sides. It involved a little bit of planning in advance, and making sure I had the same lengths of floss, with the same colors, but once I had that figured out, the stitching went so quickly. Love the feeling of (almost) instant gratification!

The colors are much more rich than the photo depicts... It's really gorgeous!

Oh.... and I finally decided on Belle Soie "Buttercup" silk floss (4 strands) for the main yellow-ish background. It suits the design perfectly.

So happy to have another piece of artwork finished. I've started another canvas chart, and will have updates in the next couple of days. Stay tuned...

Thankful for the gorgeous fall weather we're having today, and for my cozy patio on which I'm stitching and enjoying every minute of this beautiful day!

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